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HC SealI have managed to see the final episode of The Voice, Australia.

I have watched all of the 2013 series.

Whilst I have found the competitors’ stories compelling, I have been following the program to watch four coaches in action.

I thought the final episode offered great insights into 1:1 coaching.

Seal‘s tribute to the winner, Harrison Craig, was a remarkable statement about what coaches do.

SealSeal talked about:

1. Recognising exceptional ability.

2. Listening to life stories.

3. Developing trust.

4. Providing space to flourish and grow.

5. Being open to learning as a coach.

6. Partnership in performance.

I thought it very apposite that Harrison’s new single was called Unconditional.

At the end of the program, I was left thinking about coaching as a vocation. I liked the idea that four very different coaches took four very different performers on a journey that transformed all their lives.

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