165px-Holger_OsieckI followed the Australia v Iraq World Cup qualifying game in real time on the web in London.

I was using the feed (Kieran Francis) and the Guardian (Scott Murray) feed concurrently. I had a half eye on the Brumbies v Lions rugby union game too.

I thought it might be an historic evening.

I was OK with Australia drawing with Iraq deep into the second half.

I did think that the longer the game went on the Australian coach, Holger Osieck, had some interesting (significant) decisions to make. One of them appeared on my screen:

Sub Guardian

Looking at the live feed, I am thinking that the game is entering a perturbation phase and hope that Australia’s ability to play football in the Iraq half will determine the outcome.

This follows (

Sub Goal

The Guardian’s take:

Su Guard

Meanwhile, the Brumbies defeated the Lions and scored the only try of the game.

As I switched off the feeds I did like The Guardian’s parting shot:

FT Guardian

From where I was sitting I thought Holger Osieck was managing a risk in decision making. I am hoping it was one of those cool head moments of clarity that leaders have. It is a great example to discuss.

Photo Credit

Holger Osieck (Wikipedia, License)

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