130210 Weekend Evernotes

evernoteI have been using Evernote to collect finds from my personal learning network.

This note includes links to posts on MOOCs, and Slideshares from Tim O’Reilly and Kristen Jassies. There is a link to a Wesley Fryer post on distributed storytelling, which with Kristen’s Slideshare on Visual Storytelling and Bernard Bull’s Digital Fluency Collaboration makes an interesting group of readings.

Kristen’s Slideshare has had 110,000 views since it was published on 3 February. I found it through a Slideshare alert.

I have compiled a notebook to collect information about the Australian Crime Commission’s (ACC’s) Organised Crime and Drugs in Sport Report. It includes links to the Report, legal opinion, a Drum article by Tracey Holmes and links to posts appearing in The Conversation this week.

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