The Future of Australian Sport Workshop: Canberra

I am attending a workshop at the Australian Sports Commission in Canberra today.

The Australian Sports Commission and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation are working together on a project “to provide a direction for the Australian Government and sports community by identifying a range of trends that may impact Australian sport over the next 30 years”.

The workshop will explore the preliminary findings of a study on The Future of Australian Sport and consider six sport megatrends.

Stefan Hajkowicz will open the workshop with a presentation on the megatrends the project has identified. This will be followed by group discussions and conversation mapping about the trends. The afternoon session will be focused on policy implications.

I have written about this project and about megatrends.

I am looking forward to the day’s discussions. It will be fascinating to hear workshop views about sport in 2040.

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Crowd at Burns v Patrick fight (1946)


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