NRL 2011: Winning from behind in the regular season

I am interested in the ability to win in invasive team games.

This season I have looked at winning behaviours in association football, Australian rules football, rugby league and rugby union.

In this post I list those teams in this year’s 2011 NRL fixtures in Australia who were able to overcome a deficit within a game to win in the regular season (before the finals’ rounds).

In the table below the first named team (in bold) overcame a deficit to win. There was one draw that was not resolved in extra time.

This season the four largest deficits were overturned by the away team.

22Cowboys v Raiders (NRL13)Away Team
20Rabbitohs v Dragons (NRL21)Away Team
18Storm v Eels (NRL21)Away Team
18Wests v Warriors (NRL14)Away Team
16Bulldogs v Knights (NRL25)Home Team
16Cowboys v Eels (NRL10)Home Team
14Bulldogs v Eels (NRL6)Away Team
14Titans v Tigers (NRL6)Home Team
13Eagles v Sharks (NRL5)Away Team
12Roosters v Eels (NRL25)Away Team
12Rabbitohs v Cowboys (NRL24)Home Team
12Tigers v Eagles (NRL21)Away Team
12Raiders v Dragons (NRL20)Home Team
12Cowboys v Titans (NRL20)Away Team
12Warriors v Bulldogs (NRL19)Home Team
12Rabbitohs v Sharks (NRL8)Home Team
12Knights v Raiders (NRL7)Away Team
10Bulldogs v Raiders (NRL24)Home Team
10Dragons v Warriors (NRL25)Home Team
10Roosters v Sharks (NRL24)Home Team
10Eagles v Eels (NRL23)Away Team
10Eels v Cowboys (NRL4)Home Team
8Cowboys v Sharks (NRL25)Home Team
8Warriors v Knights (NRL23)Home Team
8Broncos v Warriors (NRL22)Home Team
8Tigers v Dragons (NRL22)Home Team
8Roosters v Panthers (NRL18)Home Team
8Tigers v Panthers (NRL11)Home Team
8Eels v Titans (NRL7)Home Team
6Broncos v Rabbitohs (NRL25)Home Team
6Panthers v Raiders (NRL25)Away Team
6Titans v Raiders (NRL24)Home Team
6Storm v Dragons (NRL24)Home Team
6Storm v Panthers (NRL22)Home Team
6Knights v Titans (NRL21)Home Team
6Cowboys v Panthers (NRL21)Home Yeam
6Roosters v Bulldogs (NRL21)Home Team
6Panthers v Eels (NRL19)Home Team
6Rabbitohs v Roosters (NRL19)Home Team
6Eagles v Rabbitons (NRL18)Home Team
6Knights v Dragons (NRL17)Away Team
6Wests v Knights (NRL13)Home Team
6Storm v Rabbitohs (NRL13)Away Team
6Eagles v Broncos (NRL12)Away Team
6Warriors v Knights (NRL10)Away Team
6Wests v Raiders (NRL8)Away Team
6Storm v Knights (NRL8)Home Team
6Warriors v Storm (NRL7)Away Team
6Warriors v Roosters (NRL5)Home Team
6Bulldogs v Rabbitohs (NRL7)Home Team
6Tigers v Rabbitohs (NRL5)Home Team
6Eagles v Knights (NRL3)Home Team
6Broncos v Titans (NRL3)Away Team
6Wests v Warriors (NRL2)Home Team
6Raiders v Sharks (NRL1)Home Team
6Titans v Raiders (NRL4)Away Team
4Knights v Raiders (NRL22)Home Team
4Wests v Roosters (NRL20)Home Team
4Knights v Roosters (NRL16)Home Team
4Panthers v Cowboys (NRL16)Home Team
4Sharks v Titans (NRL16)Away Team
4Broncos v Dragons (NRL15)Home Team
4Titans v Dragons (NRL13)Away Team
4Broncos v Sharks (NRL13)Away Team
4Panthers v Titans (NRL13)Away Team
4Cowboys v Eagles (NRL8)Home Team
4Knights v Sharks (NRL6)Home Team
4Eagles v Warriors (NRL6)Home Team
4Cowboys v Broncos (NRL1)Away Team
4Broncos v Panthers (NRL4)Home Team
3Eagles v Bulldogs (NRL24)Home Team
2Roosters v Dragons (NRL23)Away Team
2Storm v Titans (NRL23)Away Team
2Warriors v Raiders (NRL21)Home Team
2Sharks v Raiders (NRL18)Home Team
2Storm v Warriors (NRL16)Away Team
2Eagles v Eels (NRL15)Home Team
2Cowboys v Warriors (NRL15)Home Team
2Storm v Roosters (NRL14)Home Team
2Storm v Sharks (NRL12)Home Team
2Dragons v Cowboys (NRL9)Home Team
2Warriors v Titans (NRL9)Away Team
2Broncos v Knights (NRL5)Home Team
2Bulldogs v Roosters (NRL2)Home Team
2Knights v Panthers (NRL1)Away Team
2Storm v Eagles (NRL1)Home Team
1Bulldogs v Eels (NRL20)Home Team
1Roosters v Rabbitohs (NRL1)Home Team
13Dragons v Eels (NRL8)Home Team

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