Visualising Sport Performance Data

I find the quality and quantity of website data about sport performance staggering.

I wrote about the possibilities of secondary data analysis at the Asian Football Cup 2011.

Recently I have been looking at data from the ICC Cricket World Cup and noticed this Cricinfo game summary:

There is a dropped catch icon  and a wicket icon that provide links to text summaries of the event.

I have been looking at some rugby union sites too.

Foxtel have a record of game events in Super Rugby that I have found particularly useful in tracing sequence of scores:

The RSB Six Nations’ website provides a data report of each game available for download:

I like the elegant simplicity of the Cricinfo graphic, the concise information in the Foxtel graphic and the detail in the RSB Six Nations’ website data.

I acknowledge that these are secondary sources but they do provide a great permanent record for investigation. Perhaps it is my fascination with Edward Tufte‘s work has nourished my interest in visualisation.

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