2010 National Coaching and Officiating Conference, Melbourne

The 2010 Conference organised by the Australian Sports Commission is being held in Melbourne at the Ethiad Stadium from 23-24 November. This is a link to news about the opening of the conference.

This is a link to the Conference website. The aims of the conference are to:

  • Initiate discussion and debate, and analyse issues affecting coaching and officiating development
  • Discover new approaches that can positively influence coaching and officiating for community sport through to high performance sport
  • Inspire initiatives that will grow coaching and officiating and promote good practice.

This is a link to the conference program.

Three keynote speakers at the conference are: Carol Dweck; Avril Henry; and Bill Sweetenham.

Photo Credits

Rita Trudget

Snowy Baker, Duke Kahanamoku and Frank Beaurepaire, Sydney

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