Conference Session 5: ACCSS

The Asian Conference of Computer Science in Sports (ACCSS) is being held at the Japan Institute of Sports Sciences. The fifth and final session of the conference comprises five papers (Links to other sessions from the Conference  can be found here (session four) and here (all other sessions).) Tomohito Wada chaired this session.

Three of the five papers focussed on combat sports and two looked specifically at systems.

The first paper of the session was presented by Peter Emmermacher. His paper was entitled Video Supported Fight Analysis in Karate K-Wet-A.

Tomi Vanttinen discussed the development of a video database management system in combat sports in Finland.

Tomi looked at the use of a USB Exchange and an Archos Exchange for video use in real-time environments. With additional help, he noted that a WLAN system is used for file transfer. Tomi shared the procedure for developing a web-based archive of material through FTP procedures.

Kerstin Witte concluded the discussion of contact sports with her paper, A Software package for Assessment of Visual Perception and Anticipation Ability in Combat Sport.

Kerstin’s discussion of anticipation prompted a lot of questions about perception and anticipation.

The fourth paper of the session presented by Hristo Novatchkov moved the focus of the Conference to mobile systems. His paper was titled Current Development of a Server-Based Mobile Coaching System.

The final paper of the conference was presented by Rafet Irmak. His paper reported on Computer Software for Statistically Determined Blood Lactate Threshold.

Rafet reported how software was developed to calculate and report blood lactate threshold using statistical and mathematical models.

Chikara Miyaji closed the two day Conference. He thanked delegates for their attendance and thanked his colleagues for the support he had received in organising the Conference. He was congratulated by Arnold Baca on behalf of the delegates for a delightful two-days of formal presentations and informal discussions.

Conference Session 3: ACCSS

The Asian Conference of Computer Science in Sports (ACCSS) is being held at the Japan Institute of Sports Sciences. The third session of the conference comprised four papers and one keynote address. (Reports of a pre-conference workshop here, session one here and session two here.)

Early arrivals:

Takahiro Morishige’s paper on match analysis support of a collegiate men’s basketball team was presented by Hiroo Takahashi. (Hiroo is Takahiro’s Masters’ supervisor.) The paper described the combination of analysis software and iPod Touch to support coach and athlete development.

Kiyoshi  Osawa explored the computation of the winning percentage in baseball with reference to the effect of fielder error.

I liked Kiyoshi’s use of animation to locate his paper within the game of baseball. I was very interested in his account of computational complexity. The analysis of the data was enabled by Aida Laboratory at the National Institute of Informatics.

Hyongjun Choi presented his second paper at the conference. This paper presented a cluster analysis of performance data using an artificial intelligence technique. He discussed his use of Kohonen self-organising maps.

The final paper of this session was presented by Nobuyoshi Hirotsu, the chair of this session. Noboyoshi discussed the relationship between data envelopment analysis and sabermetrics in the evaluation of batters in baseball.

The third session of the conference concluded with a keynote demonstration presentation by Hiroshi Inukai on computer games and sports.

Hiroshi provided an overview of the history of computer games in sports and explored the current status of gaming . He noted the opportunities for the programmable physics potential for eSports. He concluded with a discussion of the challenges facing eSport software.