Using Social Network Tools in Australian Sport

Gene Schembri has been exploring the use of social network tools in sport for some time in his role at the Australian Sports Commission’s Innovation and Best Practice Unit.

His wiki is a great resource for understanding the use of social media in sport. Today he has produced a guide to examples of the use of social media, Web 2.0: Social Networking Sport Examples. This is the guide in Word format Web 2.

Across the road from Gene’s office, my colleagues at the University of Canberra in the National Institute of Sport Studies have been exploring social media tools too under the guidance of Leigh Blackall. Our work is wonderfully enriched by Gene’s insights and experience.

I am hopeful that this post encourages the sharing of experiences of using social media in sport.

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Gene Schembri

Linotype on Press Car

How fast you want to go? Edge of Space

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