Laura Hale's Wikipedia Work

Laura Hale is a vibrant contributor to Wikipedia. She has a particular interest in women’s sport. Her latest project has been to develop pages for the Australian Women’s Water Polo team. To date Laura has created pages for: Bronwen Knox Kate Gynther Glencora Ralph Ashleigh Southern Nicola Zagame Jane Moran Holly Lincoln-Smith Rowena Webster Gemma … Continue reading Laura Hale's Wikipedia Work

Meeting James and Friends

James Neill is hosting a Wiki Workshop on Friday 14 September (schedule) in the Teaching Commons at the University of Canberra. He has invited Laura Hale and me to talk briefly about the HoPAu Project. I thought I would share these slides with the group. (I have a copy on Speaker Deck too.)   Postscript … Continue reading Meeting James and Friends

Wikipedia and the Paralympics

In late August this year I wrote in The Conversation about the HoPAU Project and the use of Wikipedia to share information about Paralympic athletes and teams. This is my fourth post on Clyde Street to follow up on The Conversation post. Following the London Paralympics (1 September) Wikinews and Wikipedia at the London Paralympics … Continue reading Wikipedia and the Paralympics