Scoring first and losing in association football: some European data

I have a particular interest in teams that score first and lose in six of the European football leagues.
We are up to: week 4 of the 2018-2019 season in England, France and the Netherlands; week 3 in Italy and Spain; and week 2 in Germany.
So far, there have been 22 games in these leagues in which the team that scored first lost:

The csv file is available on GitHub.
I used ggplot2 and ggrepel in RStudio to explore these data.
The games were:

The scores were:

The teams that came back from conceding the first goal were:

My code example (using geom_label_repel) is:
df2 <- read_csv(“SFL05.csv”)
ggplot(data=df2, aes(x=League, y=TE, label=Game)) +
geom_point() +
xlab(“League”) +
ylab(“Time to Equalise (in Minutes)”) +
labs(title = “Games in which the team that scores first loses”) +
I found Kamil Slowikowski’s ggrepel examples particularly helpful.

Photo Credit

Heracles Almelo (Twitter)


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