Some AFL Data at the End of the Bye Weeks in 2016

Round 15 of the 2016 AFL season concluded with Adelaide’s win over Melbourne.
By the end of Round 15 all teams had been refreshed by a bye week.
I have been using a taxonomy to characterise game types this season.
My database has 126 games. Of these up to an including Round 15 there have been:

  • 37 games in which one team has dominated from the first bounce.
  • 23 games in which there has been a whole game, four quarter contest.
  • 16 games in which there has been contest for three quarters.
  • 15 games that were contested to half time.
  • 21 games that were contested in the first quarter of the game.
  • 14 games that had a contest at some point throughout the game.

I have looked at the median points scored in these categories of games and I have been monitoring the points difference per quarter.
These are my data (extracted from the official AFL website):
Median Points Lead at the End of Each Quarter (including median data for all 126 games)
Median Points Difference by Quarter (Deficits in Red)
My basic visualisations of these data are:
Points Lead
This is what the median steps to winning look like for my game types after fifteen rounds:
I am looking forward to the second half of the season.


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