#ACUGCPA: Introductions to #performanceanalysis

On Monday 8 February, I have an opportunity to meet students enrolled on the Australian Catholic University’s Graduate Certificate in Performance Analysis course.
It is the first day of an intensive study week at the University’s Strathfield campus.
The program for the week is here.
I have two presentations to share on Day 1. Both are hosted on Google Slides.
The first is a partial account of the Evolution of Performance Analysis.
The second is a discussion of Sharing Data and Competitive Advantage.
Slide 2
I am hopeful that presentation one on the evolution of performance analysis can contribute to a crowdsourced, global history of performance analysis. This crowdsourced history would extend beyond an anglo-centric account and tap in to the rich diversity of performance analysis practice.
Presentation two gives me an opportunity to explore some of the issues about open educational resources that fascinate me. I do see immense opportunities to share analysis. The increasing availability of event data is creating secondary data possibilities that could connect performance analysis communities of practice.
Both of the presentations build upon ideas explore in Clyde Street.

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Bondi Icebergs (Winam, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


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