#RWC2015: a community of practice analysing performance

The official RWC2015 website has given me a time stamp for this post.
I have been looking at the lists of management teams of the twenty teams at the World Cup to discover who will be supporting coaches with video, match and performance analysis.
I found a community of practice that has 34 members.
There are 15 video analysts listed:
15 Performance Analysts:
2 Match Analysts:
1 Assistant Analyst
It would be fascinating to compile the experiences of these analysts.
I have found Twitter accounts for 11 of these and LinkedIn accounts for another 10 of the group.
My list is here.
I hope they all have a delightful tournament as free as possible of technology and logistic problems … and perhaps a journey to this venue:


    • My data had South Africa at risk. Fascinating result.
      My thoughts are that dominant teams should win games early, the later they confirm their ranking status the more vulnerable they are.

  1. I’m impressed – I hadn’t picked up anything other than a stonking great win for SA. But yes, losses or draws in early rounds can come back to bite you later in the competition.

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