SCP14: Coaching Coaches

I am meeting with some University of Canberra students on Friday.
Jim Fowlie has invited me to speak with the Sport Coaching Pedagogy group.
I am mindful that it is Friday and moving towards the end of the semester.
My theme is Coaching Coaches. I hope to discuss coaching as a vocation and the roles mentors might play in coaches’ flourising.
I thought I would try something new following the demise of audio casting on SlideShare.
I am going to use an Evernote Presentation.
This is the public link to the presentation.
This pop up box appears
Selecting ‘View Notebook’ takes you to the presentation.
This is my short audio trailer for the presentation (I decided not to use audio on the individual Evernote cards that make up the presentation).

Photo Credit

Coaches watching the fight (Michael Heiniger, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)


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