Pure Fantasy

Two months ago I wrote about a remarkable Fantasy Football Team, Ranieri’s Ghost.
At that time the manager, Julian Zipparo, was at the top of the league. Since then I have been delighted that my post has led to a lot of searches for him.
I thought I would check up on his progress after game week 35 of the Premier League season.
I saw this Facebook page note:
There is still one more game to go to complete the round but as of this morning the Fantasy table is:
Ranieri’s Ghost Team is:
I have been thinking about the remarkable expertise of Fantasy Football managers this week for another reason.
I am keen to explore open accreditation pathways for performance analysts and thought any system might want to contemplate the skills Fantasy Football requires. One of the skills I admire most in Fantasy Football is the ability to synthesise information and make proactive decisions. There is a great deal of information to assimilate. For example, the Scout shares information each week:
I am impressed by the decision-making agility of the Fantasy mangers too. Next week, game week 36 is a double game week and required some significant informed risk management. Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester City, Wigan, Swansea and West Brom each play twice in one week. The complexity is heightened by Chelsea and Manchester City preparing to play in the FA Cup Final.
The current leader of the Table is Kelvin Travers. His season’s performance can be found here. Kevin was 70,633rd in the 2011/2012 season. This season he moved from 2,359th to 1st in 18 weeks of the season.
I think my interest in accreditation can be transformed by Julian’s and Kelvin’s insights into pure fantasy.



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