Challenge Conference: Day 1

Tim Dellor was the Master of Ceremonies for the day at the Challenge Conference. He noted that this was an invitation Conference.
Hugh Morris was the first speaker at the Conference. Hugh has been the Managing Director of England Cricket since October 2007. Hugh noted that 131 Level 4 coaches were in attendance. He added that there are 60 coaches in the program at the moment.
His theme was Balancing Stability and Change.
In the second session of the morning, Challenges and Conventions, Steve Bull and Andy Flower discussed coaching and performance. Their session was a video recording of a conversation held away from the Conference.
Ralph Hippolyte and Bertrand Theraulaz presented An Introduction to the Action Type Approach in the final session of the morning’s program. This was the first of two presentations by them at the Conference. The Action Types Approach explores how the brain and the body connect together to coordinate and adapt through movement. I was very interested in their discussion of the “motor signature” of each individual and the tests they use to reveal motor aptitudes and profiles. I am keen to learn more about the personalisation and differentiation possibilities of this work. Ralph and Bertrand have been working with English Cricket for some time.
The afternoon session started with a discussion between Steve Bull and Andrew Strauss of Leading to a Winning Environment. In their conversation Steve and Andrew considered:

  • Creating and communicating a vision
  • Building trust, respect and belief
  • Leading change through strong team values
  • Dealing with setbacks
  • Managing pressure as a leader

The remainder of the afternoon program offered four workshops. These were facilitated by Chris Grant, Dave Alred, Nathan Leamon and myself.
The Day concluded with a Conference Dinner.



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