Hugh Fullerton's Inside Game

Back in the Summer of 1993 I spent some time in the Ursinus College Library.
I was looking for information about Lloyd Messersmith.
Eventually I found a copy of Lloyd’s 1942 Doctor of Education thesisĀ The Development of a Measurement Technique for Determining the Distances Traversed by Players in Basketball. The Bibliography contains twenty-one references, one of them is to a 1910 paper in the American Magazine by Hugh Fullerton.
Fortunately a librarian at Ursinus College tracked down the journal for me and I was able to make a copy from a microfiche reader.

The paper is twelve pages long (pp. 2-13 of the Magazine) and contains no references.
I think this paper is one of the foundation documents in the analysis of sport performance. Given it is a century since the paper was published I thought I would archive the paper here as a contribution to the sociology of knowledge of performance analysis in sport.
Each page of the paper is illustrated with a picture or diagram. The originals were in black and white.

The paper:
Pages 2 and 3 HFAMp0203 (11Mb)
Pages 4 and 5 HFAMp0405 (12Mb)
Pages 6 and 7 HFAMp0607 (12Mb)
Pages 8 and 9 HFAMp0809 (13Mb)
Pages 10 and 11 HFAMp1011 (11Mb)
Pages 12 and 13 HFAMp1213 (10Mb)
Twenty-one years later Lloyd Messersmith and Stephen Corey’s paper ‘The Distance Traversed by a Basketball Player’ appeared in the Research Quarterly of the American Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, 2, pp 57-60, May 1931. Like Hugh Fullerton’s paper, this paper has no references.
I see both papers as the genesis of performance analysis of sport performance. A combined sixteen page kick start to the field of study, 100 years ago and 80 years ago.
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Art Butler, St Louis NL
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