090507 Public Sphere Discussions, Canberra

Photo by Andrew Stawarz
I was alerted by Michael de Percy to the Public Sphere discussions to be held in Canberra on 7 May. Pia Waugh (Policy Adviser to Senator Kate Lundy) has worked very hard to develop this program.
The schedule is:
0900 Introduction and comments – Senator Lundy
0910 The ‘unexplored country’ we will be entering with high speed broadband – Craig Thomler. Presentation.
0920 Green ICT – Tom Worthington. Presentation.
0930 Building a Smarter Planet – what is happening in the digital world to build a digital economy and the imperative that we harness technology to position Australia for the challenges it is facing – Judy Anderson (IBM)
0940 Opportunities for online collaboration over long distances with high speed broadband – James Purser. Presentation.
1000 Public empowerment through public engagement with government at all levels – Stephen Collins. Paper.
1010 Citizen engagement and community participation online: The Canadian experience – Michael De Percy. Presentation.
1020 Government service delivery in the new contexts of (a) broadband, (b) highly diverse access devices, (c) highly diverse patterns of use, and (d) highly diverse human needs – Roger Clarke. Paper.
1040 Rural and regional accessibility in regard to accessing agricultural and environmental information for those working on research and on-ground change – Nerida Hart
1050 Personal Publishing, Archival and the Consequences of Upstream (bandwidth) – Jeff Waugh
1100 Online video publishing possibilities and technology needs – Dr Silvia Pfeiffer
1110 Privacy and filtering – David Vaile
1120 The successfully rollout of FTTH in an Australian regional town and how it expands towns with populations of a few hundred, to hundreds of thounsands. Also the economic modeling required – Adrian Blake
1130 High Bandwidth – getting things done: particularly in respect to dealing with complex real world problems, emergency management and dealing with skills shortages. This is relevant to both the commercial and community sectors – James Dellow
1140 Brief presentation on perspectives put forward on the blog for comment – Pia Waugh
1155 Thanks and close of event
Video stream of the event can be found here. Twitter link is here.
I am in Brisbane on 7 May and so will miss the event held at the ANU. My contribution to the debate is a discussion of the role of High Bandwidth in growing sport communities at local, national and global levels.
Some of my ideas are here.
This is an example of using GrangeNet to explore high bandwidth for elite sport use and this is an example of how a connected sport system can contribute to community development.


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